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Original UPSIREN UX PRO Ultra 16.8w/mk 100g Thermal Putty For VGA GPU IC Processor Rapid Cooling Thermal Pad Replacement Heat Transfer Putty.

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  • High-quality gummy / sticky thermal paste designed for use on memory chips and other components where thermal pads are originally used. Ideal to replace thicker thermal pads from 1mm to 3.5mm.
  • Thermal conductivity K>16,8 W/m.K * (at least ten times higher than common thermal pads that are used on computers and commercial electronics).
  • Can be applied very easily directly on the component and has no electrical conductivity. High operational temperature from -90 to 250 degrees (Celsius).
  • No expiration date. Infinite storage/service life. Upsiren UX PRO Ultra doesn’t dry out. Store in a closed can and protect from frost and dust. Made in Greece (European Union).
  • Compatible with many gaming laptops, game consoles, high-end video boards, crypto mining, etc.
  • Compatible with Apple iMac, Asus ROG, Acer Nitro, MSI laptops, RTX 3080, 2080TI, 3090, PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, and all systems that use thermal putty or thermal pads.


UX PRO Ultra is a viscous thermal paste designed for thermal pad replacement. It is often referred to as “Liquid Thermal Pad” or “Thermal Putty”. This product was developed and produced by the Computer Systems Research department in Thessaloniki, Greece. Can replace thermal pads up to 3.5mm thick. It is very viscous, and this is why it is ideal for thermal pads 1mm to 3.5mm thick.

This offer is for a 1 X 100g packet. Quantity enough for up to 50 applications.
The packet includes a plastic spatula and 2x finger sleeves.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! This is original Made in Greece product. Be careful of counterfeit imitations Made in China.


Automotive Electronic Control Units
Heat sink, Memory modules
LED Lighting, LCD-TV
Military Electronics
Power Supplies
Telecom services,
Wireless instruments
Automotive control services

No expiration date. Infinite storage/service life. It doesn’t dry out. Store in a closed can and protect from frost and dust. Made in Greece (European Union)
* Computer Systems materials science laboratory testing: Method using a comparative technique (P. Karydopoulos, P. Frantzis, N. Karagiannis MSAIJ 2014). Combined thermal conductivity when 1.5mm thick thermal pad is replaced with UX PRO Ultra combined with 1mm thick copper pad.

When you should replace the thermal paste/pads in your computer:

  • Thermal paste and thermal pads should be replaced every time that the heat sink is removed (for cleaning, upgrade, or other maintenance). Replacing the thermal pads and the gummy thermal paste that is used by many manufacturers on the memory chips is very important when the heat sink is removed. If you reuse the same thermal pads or paste, it is impossible for the heat sink to fit perfectly again, and the component will be overheated and will fail soon.
  • If your computer is overheated or turned off after a few hours of use. In this case, the entire heat sink system must be cleaned immediately, and all thermal paste and thermal pads must be replaced.

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Weight 150 g


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