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Low Viscosity Halogen Free Lead Free Liquid Flux for BGA Component Rework Reballing Reflow Ideal for VGA GPU Repairs and Microsoldering.

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• CS-FLUX when heated at around 150 degrees (Celsius) turns into liquid and covers the small gap between the BGA component and the PCB completely. This way all solder balls are covered with CS-FLUX and during reflow or removal of the BGA components all PCB and component pads and balls are protected from oxidation.
• CS-FLUX is no clean flux and causes no corrosion if not cleaned, but if needed it can be cleaned very easily with alcohol. It causes no corrosion on the PCB or components.
• Thanks to its liquid nature, a very small amount of CS-FLUX is needed for each repair resulting in a much cleaner work environment. CS-FLUX is Lead Free and halogen free and produces the minimum amount of fume .
• CS-FLUX is very sticky and specially designed to keep the solder balls inside the stencil during the reballing process. It is also ideal for reflow of BGA components (with heat gun) when needed equipment for reballing is not available. Due to its liquid nature is perfect for micro soldering even for not experienced technicians.
• CS-FLUX is produced in EU (Greece). We keep stock all around the world so that it can be shipped to you very fast.


CS FLUX is flux designed for BGA reballing, rework and reflow. Also appropriate for micro soldering. CS-FLUX is a low viscosity flux designed by Computer Systems research team to cover the special needs in flux usage on soldering repairs of commercial electronics such as laptops, gaming consoles etc.
Packet contains: 1 syringe X 5g of CS-FLUX
1 X 1.6mm tips for easy application
No expiration date. Protect from heat and sun light. For long term storage it is suggested to be kept in fridge. Made in Greece (European Union)


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Weight 30 g


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