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Viscous thermal paste is developed and produced by Computer Systems laboratories research department. This product was developed as part of C.S. Labs BGA rework research project with the support of Greece and European Union. This product is designed to reduce the chances of BGA component failure for reasons related to overheating.


CS-FLUX is a low viscosity no clean / lead free flux designed by Computer Systems laboratories research team, to cover the special needs in flux usage on repairs (reballing or reflow of GPU and other BGA components) of commercial electronics such as laptops, gaming consoles etc.

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"As described. Easy to apply and store. Eliminates need for different thickness and sizes of pads. Inspires confidence that there are no gaps."

aplcore on

"Best investment I ever did. After waiting 12+ years for a fix I found this though YouTube help guide, easy to follow instructions help me everywhere I needed help. My dad died in 07 and thought I lost all my photos of him thanks to this product I have them back"

Jonathan Hibner on

"Flux will flow in the direction of heat.. Product did the job. Material came out as a gel but quickly flowed with a little heat. Flux was used to "reflow" a small chip on a audio receiver board."

pin head on

"I decided to give this a try as the RTX 3090 Aorus Master gets really warm. The application can get messy, but don't worry just make sure you cover every part of the areas well. The K5 is really impressive. I have been using this now for over a year and it performs great. Aparently this can last for years so game on and enjoy the cooler temps. As this is non conductive don't worry about covering sensitive components a in the process and if you do decide to clean all the K5 off then use a very fine tooth brush and white spirit. Remember that you can reuse it as it does not go hard or off."

Nemas*OC* on

"Saved my 1080 blower from overheating. I was skeptical at the idea of a paste instead of pads for the vrms, and memory. Boy was I wrong. It literally dropped my temps by 20c and it no longer spins up like a jet engine. I was even able to overclock my card a little bit!"

John McConville on

"Decided to try this instead of thermal pads for laptop repairs. So much faster than playing with pad thicknesses and cutting. Now thermals are significantly better. It does the job!"

MJH on
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