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Computer Systems has been operating since 2008 as a laptop repair and data recovery lab. Since its inception, the company has focused on laptop motherboard repair. The launch of the business coincided with the emergence of the now well-known problems in the BGA components used in all computers. From a very early stage the laboratory was equipped with processing stations for such components and a deeper understanding of the problem and the reasons for its recurrence was sought.

In September 2012 the company undertook the implementation of an ambitious research project with the aim of developing a scientifically and practically acceptable defect repair method where BGA components are required to be processed by small laboratories with low-cost equipment. A PHD research engineer, an electrical engineer and a computer engineer worked for the needs of the project, who were supported by the equipment and the rest of the engineers and technicians of the laboratory. The project budget was €166,320 and was completed in August 2015. The results of this research led to the creation and manufacture by the company of the products K4-PRO & K5-PRO thermal pastes, BGA COAT, CS-FLUX, for which it has been awarded patent and has been awarded by the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce (Innovation Award in Entrepreneurship Competition 2014). The above products are already exported to more than 70 countries. In the context of the same research project, the company collaborated with Zhuomao (China), which is the best quality manufacturer of laboratory equipment for small repair laboratories, and after visits, the most suitable equipment was selected for Smartphone, iPhone and Tablet repairs so that they are carried out at a minimum cost and time.

In November 2013 the company undertook another research project with a total budget of €53,000 with the aim of developing a new data recovery method from damaged storage media and appropriate tools. The result of this research has so far resulted in the creation of the products FW-FXR (special kit for repairing Seagate and Maxtor hard drives), FileChecker by CS (Software for Separation of Valid / Damaged Files during Data Recovery), Diagnostics for Seagate (“DfS” , a diagnostic tool that allows the data recovery technician to identify and in some cases repair the failure of Seagate (SATA) hard drives.

**The above products are already used by data recovery companies in Europe and America**


Because we are one of the first companies in the industry worldwide to implement new methods of laptop computer repair (reballing) and to provide graphic card and motherboard repair services by sending only the problematic part to the international market of
Because we have the most modern mechanical equipment (automatic processing stations for Bga Components, clean room, etc.) and highly trained staff (PHD research engineer, electronics, electrical engineers, computer technicians)
Because we are the only Greek company in the sector that has completed 2 research projects (2012-2015) with a total budget of 220,000 and they concern computer repair and data recovery.
Because we continue scientific research on the objects of our activity with the sole purpose of solving the problems that appear and also creating Green Services for a friendlier environment.
Because for the services we provide and the products we produce we have copyrights and distinctions (Innovation Award 2014, B.E.Th).
Because we provide the biggest possible guarantee for our repairs.
Because we have the most competitive prices on the market
Why we provide a free inspection and repair cost estimate.
Because thanks to the quality of our services and products we have won the respect and cooperation not only of domestic consumers but also of those abroad worldwide.


Providing solutions to all customers at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.

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