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Upgrade your business equipment with up to 100% financing of the new NSRF 2016 programs.
The Computer Systems offers complete equipment and training package on the following items
1. Repair PCB from Laptop, Desktop, Apple iMac, Apple Macbook, game stations (repair VGA - BGA Reballing, replacing any component on the PCB, etc.). Full equipment package, consumables and training by 3150Efro + VAT.
Download detailed offer here
2. Repair Smartphone & Tablet (parts replacement, replacement screen & Digitizer, replacement only when the digitizer is not broken screen on models affixed the screen with digitizer such as the iPhone, cleaning liquid).
3. Recover data from storage media (Replacement heads in HDD, firmware, repair PCB etc.)
For detailed pricing and descriptions of each package please contact us at with the details of your company and the package you are interested to send you the corresponding offer ready for deposit in the NSRF program that interests you.

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Computer Systems laboratories offer repair and data recovery services since 2008. We are the only SME workshop coofunded by Greece and EU for scientific research on BGA rework methods and on Data recovery. Thanks to our research work we can offer the highest success rate on all our services for the lowest possible cost. We also offer professional equipment, training, support and consumables for computer repair workshops. From single customers who want to repair just a broken iPhone to chain shops that want to set up a network of repair workshops, Computer Systems laboratories can offer the best complete solutions.

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